The research themes do cover the broad subject of environmental biotechnology:
Water- and soil remediation; avoidance, treatment and utilisation of organic waste; ecotoxicology, risk assessment and monitoring projects; development of mycotoxin-detoxifying feed additives; development of silage starter cultures; utilisation of renewable resources for biotechnological production of lactic acid and ethyl alcohol, biomaterial processing and recycling strategies, exploitation of enzymes as biocatalysts.

Research and development are carried out in such a way to include the full bandwidth from basic research and laboratory studies up to pilot plant and field trials.
Major support is derived from the European Community, from national and local authorities as well as from the Austrian industry.

Working Areas & Groups

The Institute of  Environmental Biotechnology is devided into two Working Areas  each with two Working Groups (WG) and four more Working Groups plus one cross-WG Area (Ecotoxicology).