General Information

This area deals with fundamental and applied research of the occurrence and behaviour of organic chemicals in the environment. Further more, it is concerned with the assessment of the resulting danger as well as risk containment and remediation. For that purpose innovative analytical methods, both physical-chemical and biological methods are developed.

Moreover, potential limitations of the microbial remediation on lab scale are investigated. By means of these results products and methods to support efficient large scale remediation techniques are developed. The current work concentrates on the interaction between the soil matrix and pollutant. The resulting changes in pollutant availability affect the toxicity of contaminated soil and has crucial consequences on risk assessment and risk management activities. Further on, in-situ and on-site remediation techniques are researched to provide an efficient, cost effective and timesaving remediation strategy. Therefore, the degradation potential of micro-organisms should be improved and the efficient application should be supported by physical-chemical measurements.