TRANSFOR-M with BOKU as home University


TRANSFOR-M = TRANSatlantic FORestry Master

TRANSFOR-M is a programme for student exchange with canadian Universities. Website :

This is the information Website for BOKU Mountain Forestry students who want's to apply for the TRANSFOR-M programme!

TRANSFOR-M students with BOKU as host University find more information on following Website:

About TRANSFOR-M with BOKU as home University

For (future) students from BOKU 3 canadian Universities are eligible for a 1-year exchange starting with the Winter semester:

Admission process:

  1. Application for TRANSFOR-M programme at BOKU - Application Deadline: December 2020 (send your documents in time to: jointstudy(at) and make an appointment for a Skype interview)
  2. Final selection: TRANSFOR-M comittee in January
  3. Full admission to BOKU Master programme: (Mountain Forestry
  4. Application and Admission to host university

TRANSFOR-M Application forms:

The numbering corresponds to the chronological sequence:

1) For application step "December", click to Download:

2) For application step "January"

The TRANSFOR-M committee decides wether your applicaiton can be accepted. If your application is accepted:

3) For application step "June":




BOKU english Master programmes

BOKU english Master programmes

About Mountain Forestry:

Programme Coordinator Mountain Forestry: Prof. Georg Gratzer


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