Submit your application ANYTIME BETWEEN 10:00 A.M AND 12:00 NOON (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) before the relevant deadline.

4. deadline 2019:  October 28th

Applying for the scholarship outside of the provided time frame is not possible!

Steps to filling out the application:

  1. download the application documents,
  2. set up a research plan and discuss it with your advisor,
  3. secure the endorsement letter from the study abroad institution/university,
  4. sign up for the language proficiency test at ZIB (if necessary, see: Language Certification),
  5. request your transcript of records with weighted average,
  6. find the estimated travel expenses via the internet or through a travel agent,
  7. read the checklist emergency plan for stays abroad ( ),
  8. read the information on the processing of personal data,
  9. have the documents checked in time by Ms. Schmidt, then send all necessary and completed application documents as "1 pdf-document" to,
  10. hand in all necessary and completed application documents to ZIB in person before one of the respective deadlines,
  11. once all documents are completed and turned in in a timely manner, the study abroad advisory board will review your application,
  12. you will then be contacted via mail to be told the outcome of your application,
  13. hand in the acceptance of terms and conditions document to ZIB,
  14. inform the Registration Office (Studienabteilung) prior to your departure that you will be leaving,
  15. if necessary, hand in the request for remission of tuition fee form to the Registration Office (Studienabteilung),
  16. the scholarship will be transferred to your bank account a couple of days before your departure,
  17. upon your return, inform the Registration Office (Studienabteilung) per email and attach the confirmation of stay,
  18. provide the ZIB with the confirmation of stay and the report of stay documents, no later than two months after you return.

The staff of  BOKU also needs to consider the following:

Before your departure:

  1. please enter “Kostenstelle/Innenauftragsnr” of the ZIB and possibly of the institute on the first page of the "travel  cost contribution"form or  of the "business trip abroad form,
  2. please have this page signed by the ZIB and possibly by the institute,
  3. please submit a copy of this page at the ZIB.

Upon your return:

  1. please have all forms and vouchers checked in the ZIB,
  2. please then submit  the forms and vouchers at the personnal department.

Documentation that must be supplied:

  • Application and Informationform (not handwritten)!
  • CV!
  • 1 Recommendation letter (not handwritten) + 1 x additional questionnaire from the BOKU research advisor. The letter of recommendation must explicitly refer to the chosen research project!
  • 1 Recommendation letter (not handwritten) provided by a BOKU professor. If the professor is employed in a faculty other than the one in which the applicant studies, they must still have some direct connection to the specific research topic. Again, the specific research project must be mentioned in the letter of recommendation!
  • Proof of foreign language proficiency/ certificate of foreign language examination.The testing should be completed as soon as possible, as results must be on hand at the time of the deadline. An approval of proficiency (i.e. a passing grade from the course) may be completed by a BOKU foreign language instructor (see: Language certifiaction), but an attendance certificate is not a sufficient document. If you are not able to supply a document of proficiency by the deadline, you must postpone your trip!
  • Detailed (max. two pages) plan of studies and research that is completed with supervision from the BOKU advisor, along with all accumulated certificates and copies of any relevant diplomas (from high school and all other higher levels of education)!
  • Letter of endorsement from the foreign university that you would like to attend. If the research project is not in connection with a university, BOKU advisor must confirm and validate the research project in their aforementioned letter of recommendation!
  • An outlined plan of the necessary finances while abroad!
  • The estimated travel expenses (from the internet or a travel agency)!
  • Confirmation letter from the BOKU research advisor that he has read the checklist emergency plan for stays abroad!


Applications that are incomplete, contain irrelevant information and/or are illegible or late will invariably remain in the pile of applications unfit to be reviewed.