BOKU students can apply for places specifically intended for them via the BOKU application form. See the available internship places here.

Step 1

For the application:

  • Complete the application form (handwritten forms are not accepted)
  • Arrange a consulting hour with Dipl. -Ing. Dr. Andreas Melcher and have your confirmation form signed and stamped (tips for arranging consulting hours)
  • Complete the financial planning form
  • Scan and send all your documents to 
  • Bring your original application form with all your documents and confirmation form from Dr. Melcher to the Centre of International Relations, Peter-Jordan-Straße 82a. Please respect the consulting hours.

next hand-in deadline:

13. December 2019

For the application the following additional documents are required (please note: only fully complete applications will be considered!)

Please submit the completed application form along with the following documents:

  • a letter of motivation in the language of the country you wish to work in, and in German
  • a CV in the language of the country you wish to work in, and in German. It should contain information about your educational history, work and internship experience, social and voluntary work, and travel experience in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • A transcript of records of your Bachelor and Master degrees in English (BOKUonline→Transcripts→Weighted by ECTS credits→Create valid document). The transcript must contain a digital signature and "grade average, weighted by ECTS credits").
  • Foreign language certificates (proof of B2 level in every language that is required for your chosen project. Can also be included in your transcript.
  • if appropriate: a confirmation of receipt of financial assistance (to apply for the larger grant)
  • Financial planning form including estimated travel costs for the flights there and back (a screenshot of an airline or booking website travel offer is enough). Form.
  • Confirmation of consulting-hours visit to Dipl. -Ing. Dr. Andreas Melcher, Centre for Development Research (see page 3 of the application form)
  • signed document: information on the processing of personal data (template to follow)

If you would like your internship to be considered as part of your study programme, please speak in advance with your study programme coordinators.


Your signature on the application form also denotes a declaration of consent regarding the following points:

With my application I confirm my readiness to:

  • attend preparatory lectures for the SDG
  • carry out a 3-month unpaid internship (30 hours per week, one week off). The internship grant is a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs and does not represent payment for any work!
  • handle the aforementioned costs for travel and your stay (e.g. accommodation, food, and transport)
  • go through the selection process (university's pre-selection, HORIZONT3000 assessment centre).
  • attend a compulsory one-week preparatory course, debriefings (info about your return journey at HORIZONT3000 and at BOKU), and compulsory review seminars.
  • write a report on your internship (during the 3 months in your country of stay)
  • carry out at least three follow-up activities in Austria (e.g. presentations). Details of the follow-up activities will be arranged directly with the selected interns.

Incomplete, illegible, or applications for grants which do not meet all the criteria or are handed in late will not be considered, without exception.

Awarding of internship places:

The awarding of internship places is carried out by the committee of international studies, which is composed of a representative of every study programme and the head of the CIR. The following criteria are considered:

  • Educational history (length and grades)
  • Motivation and preparation for the internship
  • Foreign-language ability
  • Overall impression given by the applicant

Motivation is one of the most important factors, as it shows why you would like to undertake the particular internship you have chosen. Ask yourself: what study-related experience do you want to gain from the internship?

Step 2:

1. Upon handing in a complete application within the appropriate deadline, the selection committee abroad will usually make a decision within three weeks.

2. You will be informed in writing about the decision of the selection committee.

Step 3:

The chosen students will be nominated to HORIZONT3000. The second selection process will follow thereafter.

At the beginning of the year there will be an Assessment Center at HORIZONT3000.

In spring there is a one-week preparation course at HORIZONT3000. This course is expected to take place during the Easter holidays.

Information about the following selection process can be found here (please scroll down).