Visa and entry regulations for incoming staff:

  1. Upon request, BOKU signs „hosting agreements“ („Aufnahmevereinbarungen“) which are compulsory for the settlement permit as „researcher“, preferably for persons who have an employment contract with the University of Natural Resources and Life Scienecs, Vienna (and in exceptional cases also for Post-Docs without employment contract). If you need such a hosting agreement, please send the Name, citizenship, address, passport number and date of birth of the applicant together with the project title, purpose of the project, name of the supervisor at BOKU, information on any trips abroad planned during the stay at BOKU (e.g. for conference participation or similar) and a copy of the BOKU employment contract to int-head(at) The applicant also has to sign a GDPR declaration, which is prepared by int-head(at) as well. In all other cases, we strongly suggest all incoming staff members to apply for a residence permit “special cases of gainful employment” - also in this situation, int-head(at) can be contacted for advice.  Information from OeAD concerning entry and residence regulations for students and scientists - in German ( ) and English ( )
  2. Information flyer in English as well as application forms for residence permits (in German only)
  3. Overview on changes in legal regulations for Non-EU students and trainees (presentation of Mag. Forster, OeAD GmbH, at BOKU on 17.10.2018)

Registration in Vienna