June 12, 2023

09:00 Registration + Welcome coffee
09:30 Opening (BOKU Rectorate, IROICA president)
09:50 Programme overview (BOKU-IR - Margarita Calderón-Peter)
10:00 BOKU‘s activities for green mobility -
"From CO2-Emissions to transformative research - An overview of BOKU's sustainability efforts" (Lisa Bohunovsky, Alexandra Penicka, Joachim Thaler, Centre for Global Change and Sustainability (sustainability Indicators, CO2-compensation projects...)
11:00 Coffeebreak
11:30­ BOKU rules for green mobility (BOKU-IR - Nicolas Fries)
12:00 Rules for Green-/Eco-Events (BOKU-IR - Nicolas Fries)
12:30 Buffett Lunch
13:30 Interactive Workshop (Andreas Zitek - E-Learning and Didactics) Virtual tools for (hybrid) staff training weeks
15:45 Logistical updates for the evening
  Time to go back to Hotel + travel to dinner
18:00 Dinner at Heurigen Hengl-Haselbrunner (awarded with the Ecolabel of the Republic of Austria / participation is voluntary) 


June 13, 2023

9: 30 The example of EPICUR (Uhuru Socha, University of Amsterdam) + AURORA (Lorenzo Rieg, University of Innsbruck) + Ulysseus (Lisa NEUNER MCI Innsbruck) – green mobility activities within a European University Alliance
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Interactive session:
Let‘s plan "the perfect green staff training week“ – examples from participants (BOKU-IR - Margarita Calderón-Peter)
13:00 Lunch
13:30 From 13:30 onwards: Time for bilateral meetings at BOKU Institutes or sightseeingtours (guided BOKU tour or individual sightseeing downtown)