More information for students with BOKU as home university is available on the Outgoing Website:


TRANSFOR-M = TRANSatlantic FORestry Master

TRANSFOR-M is a programme for student exchange with canadian and european Universities. The project website can be found here:

Within this programme the University of New Brunswick (UNB), University of Alberta (UoA) and The University of British Columbia (UBC) sending students to european Universities for one year.

About TRANSFOR-M with BOKU as host University

After your application at your home university and the selection within the Transfor-M comittee you will be nominated to BOKU.

At BOKU you need to get a full admission to the Mountain Forestry programme. Contact us for information concerning the legalization of the documents!

Find more information and the curriculum at the Mountain Forestry Webpage.

Full admission to Mountain Forestry

Link to Information about full admission with international educational background:

Note on the information on all legal aspects of studies (admission, examinations, completion,...): Only the information available on the websites of the BOKU study services is legally binding.


  1. Application form
  2. Evidence of previous studies (bachelor degree, diploma)
  3. Transcript stating subjects, marks, ECTS and contents of teaching
  4. Fulfilment of the special University entrance qualification
    = Confirmation of home university that you would be entitled to enroll in a Master's programme without requiring any further entrance exams, interviews, etc.
  5. CV
  6. Evidence of adequate proficiency of English
    = Completion of a study programme that was entirely taught in English from countries with English as the official language

Note: Contact us for information concerning legalization of the documents!

Translation regulations
All documents must be submitted in German or English

Application Deadlines: we recommend to apply as soon as the decision for accepting you into the TRANSFOR-M programme was made. The application process and the process to get a visa can take several weeks. For more information, please contact us: jointstudy(at)

For admission within TRANSFOR-M to other english master programmes than mountain forestry please contact us: jointstudy(at)

English master programmes at BOKU:


 Planning the stay

  1. Get admission to Mountain Forestry Master at BOKU
  2. We recommend an application for a „Residence Permit Student“ 3-6 months before entry
  3. Entry and Resience Permits:
  4. Database Entry and Residence:


Mountain Forestry

About Mountain Forestry:

Programme Coordinator Mountain Forestry:

Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. nat.techn. Prof. Georg Gratzer



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