First, you have to apply at your home university for a nomination for BOKU. Please contact the International office or the International Programme Coordinator of your home university. When you are nominated you have to complete the application form of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. Your home coordinator has to send your BOKU application form to the Joint Study coordinator of BOKU. An admission letter will be sent to you. With this admission letter you can apply for your Visa.

Application Form

A full semester load corresponds to 30 ECTS. A minimum of 16 ECTS is recommended.

How to look for courses:

You can find the courses in our BOKUOnline System: BOKU Online- Course Selection

Or in our Semester Packages:

It is recommended that students attend Welcome Days and language course before the start of the semester (mid September or mid February). So they should arrive in the mid of September/ midFebruary:

As there is no examination week it is recommended that students plan their stay until mid February (end of winter semester)/mid July (end of summer semester) to finish their exams. Exam dates are set individually for each course.

Find more information in the BOKU Exchange Fact Sheet!

Application deadlines:
For the summer semester (end of February-end of June): 30. November
For the winter semester (October-January):    30. June

Please contact us for latecomers!

Contact: jointstudy(at)