BOKUonline is the campus management system at BOKU. A lot of the university’s administrative procedures can and have to be done through it.

It helps with...

• Registration for courses
• Registration for exams
• Printouts of study-relevant confirmations in the self-service (e.g. Transcript of Records)
• Updating contact data (email, study and home address)
• Curricula
• Class schedules
• Timetables for students
• Certifications
• Staff info
• Accounts
• Rooms
• Evaluations

ATTENTION: Contents of courses are accessible without application, but to register for courses and exams you must have a BOKU-account. As part of the Welcome Days for international students, a BOKUonlineteaching session will take place.

Other online services for students

Student Mailbox
Every student at BOKU has his/ her own email address which always ends with ...@students.boku. All official notifications from the university and from professors are sent to this address, so you should check them regularly! You can use either the mailing system which is provided for students or forward your emails to another email account (you can set this up through BOKUonline with the link “E-mail Addresses”)

To have access to BOKUonline (registration for courses) and the servers and services of ZID, it is required to have an account (username and password). By having an account you will also receive an e-mail address, access to the internet and a range of software. Your account will be provided automatically at the beginning of your studies. About 5 days after the payment of the ÖH fee you have to activate your account. (Attention: If you pay the ÖH fee directly at the Study services, your account will be activated immediately).

For further information please click here.

If there are any problems with your account, please contact the hotline:
Tel. +43-1-47654-21071, E-Mail: hotline(at)

Some lecturers use this e-learning platform to provide students with necessary learning materials e.g. Powerpoint slides, papers, scripts, videos and so forth. There is also the possibility of submitting homework and papers online. You can also register for “Tandem” at BOKUlearn.
“The evaluation of exchange students” stay at BOKU is also possible through BOKUlearn.

Internet connection, printing and computer rooms at BOKU

You can find WLAN-Hotspots (eduroam) almost everywhere at BOKU. It should provide an easy and comfortable opportunity for students to connect to the internet with all kinds of electronic devices within BOKU’s buildings.

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is an international project which allows you to log into the WLAN of many home/internal and foreign education institutions (universities, universities of applied
life sciences, etc. ).
The authentication works with
your BOKU username:
• Login/UserID: BOKU
• Password: Password of your IT-Account (=BOKUonline)

Different options for scanning, printing and copying are available at BOKU: BOKUprint, Uni-Flow and iPrint.
An overview of the position of multifunctional devices can be found here.
If you want to use the multifunctional devices at BOKU you only need your BOKUcard or your BOKUaccount and your current password.
To be able to print/scan/copy with your BOKUcard you need to upload credit with some special payment machines. They are located in the Exnerhaus (Kopierraum EG/31) and at Muthgasse (Aula Muthgasse II).

Well, there’s not that much to say about it: log into a copy machine (with your BOKUcard) and print.

There are two different functions to choose from:
• Scan To Email: your scan results are sent to your BOKU email address (with a slightly lower scan quality) or
• Scan To Home: with this option your scans will be saved in your personal home-file.

Print jobs can be sent to any copy machine/ copier from your personal laptop via WLAN or from the BOKU computers.
To send a print job from your personal laptop you need to install the printer driver and the iPrint Client. More information is available on the ZID website
Your print jobs can be performed on any printer at BOKU. The multifunctional devices have a so called “pick up” service, and your print job is saved on the server for up to 7 days. Afterwards, it is deleted from the server.

Computer rooms
The ZID offers computer rooms to the students at BOKU. These offer a wide range of software and infrastructure in the so called PC-Räume. They are located in several BOKU buildings (e.g. Exner-Haus basement, TÜWI building 2nd floor, Mendelhaus and Muthgasse).


Zentraler Informatik Dienst (ZID) - IT Services
Peter-Jordan-Straße 82, 1190 Wien
+43 1 47654 - 210