The main campuses – Türkenschanze and Muthgasse – are located in the 18th and 19th districts of Vienna. It takes you approximately 25 minutes by bus or 15 minutes by bicycle to go from one campus to the other. At both locations you can find numerous university buildings and each of them is named after a famous scientist: Gregor Mendel Haus, Wilhelm Exner Haus, Franz Schwackhöfer Haus, Adolf von Guttenberg Haus, Oskar Simony Haus and Armin Szilvinyi Haus.
Depending on your study programme, your attendance will be concentrated in one location/building or another. The third main campus is the UFT Tulln. The campus and research centre Tulln is located a little bit outside of Vienna, but you can reach it by train from the train station “Heiligenstadt” within 20 minutes. You can view maps and find more information on the different campuses here.

BOKU Türkenschanze

The oldest location is situated in the 18th and 19th districts, very close to Türkenschanzpark. There, you can find important services like the study services, the main library, the Kindergarten, as well as culinary and social facilities such as the Mensa, TÜWI, BOKU Stand and TÜWIs Hofladen.

You can also find learning facilities in the TÜWI, the Gregor-Mendel Haus (ground floor) and in the Wilhelm Exner Haus (in the main library including rooms for group work).

Here you will find a map of BOKU Türkenschanze to print.

Transport connection BOKU Türkenschanze
Bus line 40A:
stops “Linnéplatz” or “Dänenstraße; connections from U6 station “Währinger Straße/Volksoper” and U2 station “Schottentor”
Bus line 37A: stops “Linnéplatz” or “Dänenstraße”; connections from U4 station “Spittelau” and U6 station “Nußdorferstraße”
Bus line 10A: stop “Dänenstraße”; connections from U3 station “Johnstraße”, U4 station “Heiligenstadt” (also S-Bahn stations) and S-Bahn station “Gersthof”

BOKU Muthgasse

Other BOKU university buildings are located at Muthgasse in the 19th district (U4 metro station “Heiligenstadt”). There you can mainly find institutions which belong to the faculties of chemistry, biotechnology, food sciences, plant sciences and water economics. You can find two big lecture halls; several seminar rooms, Mensa,  Facultas shop (selling lecture notes, learning aids, stationery and books), EDV-Rooms and the Students’ Union lounge.

Here you will find a map of BOKU Muthgasse to print.

Transport connection BOKU Muthgasse
Campus Muthgasse is a 5 minute walk away
from station “Heiligenstadt”. Use the following
transportation to get there:
Bus lines 10A, 11A, 38A, 39A (final stop)
Metro U4 (final stop)
Train and S-Bahn lines (=suburban railway) Connection between Türkenschanze and MuthgasseBus line 10A: This bus line connects Türkenschanze to the university buildings at BOKU Muthgasse. The bus departs at thestation “Dänenstraße” and stops at “Heiligenstadt”. It‘s a 5 minute walk to the university campus Muthgasse. The bus ride takes 13 minutes.

BOKU Tulln

The main focus at Tulln is research. This location serves to open new perspectives for interdisciplinary cooperation along the research and process chain. The very modern research facilities are also used by students of Master or doctoral programmes. There are not many lectures which take place at BOKU Tulln; if so it‘s mainly block courses.

Here you will find a map of BOKU Tulln to print.

Transport connection BOKU Tulln
Train from U4 station and also train station
“Heiligenstadt” to Tulln, 10 minute walk to
the campus.