Studying with Children

Verein BOKU Kindergarten
The “Verein BOKU Kindergarten” (Association of facilities BOKU, managed by parents), operates two family groups and a nursery at the BOKU-Campus at Türkenschanze. The goal and purpose of the association is to take care of children of both students and employees at BOKU within the frame of the day-to-day business at the university. Target groups: children of BOKU students and employees from the age of one year up to primary school entry.

For children living in Vienna, and to whom the funding rules of MA10 apply, parents have to provide a monthly fee of €150 (€68,23 for fresh cooked food and a €81,77 admittance fee). More information can be found on the application form (only in German).

For those children coming from outside Vienna, a higher monthly admittance fee has to be paid. The actual fee is calculated according to the funding of MA10 / Vienna for children living in Vienna.

The children’s meals (morning sandwich, two-course lunch and afternoon sandwich) consist of fresh organic food, prepared daily. For low-income parents, it is possible to ask the magistrate MA 11 for financial support for the meal fee.

With the exception of the qualified childcare staff, all work areas are organised and administrated by the participating parents, e.g. membership management, employer functions, cleaning, ...
In practice, this means that at least one parent of every child independently takes on a defined activity in
the organisation.

In the case of a child joining BOKU Kindergarten, the parents are introduced to the structure and organisation of the groups of children and of the association. At the introduction, the tasks that require active parental involvement (shopping, organisation of events, hygiene and cleaning, maintenance, committee etc.) are explained and assigned.
Depending on the type (on-going or periodic) and the extent (amount of time/work required for completion) of the
task, large task groups are formed who work together to complete the task independently. The responsibilities of the tasks are found in the list of jobs and are updated and assigned at the general meeting.

The educational care of children is undertaken by qualified kindergarten teachers, the number of which depends on the size of the groups of children. The teachers are chosen and assigned by the Verein Kindergruppen BOKU committee.
As it is a major concern of parents that their children have the best care possible, you will be pleased to know that the competency of child carers at BOKU is above the average for comparable public institutions.

In addition to taking on a “job”, membership requires any further work that arises be taken care of. This can be, for example, assisting at various parties and
activities (preparation of meals or supervising), and cleaning/maintaining the premises.

Information for registration - please click here.

Association of Daycare Facilities BOKU
Peter-Jordan-Straße 82 | 1190 Wien

1-3 years (15 children)

Borkowskigasse, Baracke 2, ground floor, 1190 Wien
T 0677 61420579

Family group 1
2 years up to primary school entry (20 children)

Borkowskigasse, Baracke 3, ground floor
T 0664 8666203

Family group 2
2 years up to primary school entry (20 children)

Borkowskigasse, Baracke 2, 1. Stock (1st floor)
T 0677 61414247

Opening hours (for all groups):
Mon - Thu 7:45 - 17:15
Fr 7:45-15:30

For international students who arrive at BOKU at short notice, there are, if possible, extra places reserved. Please contact kindergarten(at)  on time before your arrival!

Kinder BOKU

The goal of KinderBOKU is to improve and support children and parents' facilities at BOKU.  Areas of responsibility:

  • Providing information and advice for students and staff with children
  • Ensuring compatibility between families and work
  • Ensuring compatibility between studies and families on a legal basis
  • Organisation and support of childcare at BOKU
  • Cooperating with Kindergruppen BOKU
  • Childcare for events
  • Childcare during the holidays

Dipl.-Ing. Martina Fröhlich
Zentrum für Lehre/KinderBOKU
Tel: 01/47654-31221

Student Union ÖH

The Student Union is also available to answer questions about studying with children: ÖH Sozialreferats-Kammerl (in the floor above the secretary's office)
Peter-Jordan-Str. 76 (Türkenschanze)
Wednesday 10 - 11 a.m.