Our list of language courses in Summer term 2023 will be announced in Autumn 2022

Language courses offered in the summer semester 2022

  • German intensive course for beginners (takes place in february)*
  • German intensive course on lower intermediate to advanced level (takes place in february)*
  • German for beginners II (A1+)*
  • German Conversation III (intermediate level)*
  • German for BOKU-specific subjects B (B2+)*
  • English Grammar (B1)
  • General English Brush up (B1+)
  • English III (B2)
  • English IV (B2+)
  • English for Science and Technology (C1)**
  • French II (A1+), French IV (B1)
  • French for Science and Technology (BOKU-specific subjects), B2+**
  • Italian II (A1+), Italian IV (B1)
  • Italian for Science and Technology (BOKU-specific subjects), B2+**
  • Spanish II (A1+), Spanish IV (B1)
  • Spanish for Science and Technology (BOKU-specific subjects), B2+ **

BOKU Goes East courses

  • Russian II (A1+)
  • Croatian II (A1+)

* German as a foreign language
** Course over 2 semesters that can only be started in the winter semester. For details see: general information

Language courses start in the week of February 28th - March 5th 2022  (exception German intensive courses taking place from February 14th).

For more information on the courses and the timetables please look at the course list in BokuOnline.

Please note that it is currently uncertain if courses will be held online or in presence at BOKU. As soon as this is decided, we will inform you here. (November 2021)