Mag.a Claudia Barchiesi

    • Italian IV (B1)

    After completing her diploma in foreign languages at the Università degli Studi in Florence, Claudia Barchiesi moved to Austria, where she has lived for more than 20 years. Her specialist area is teaching Italian at higher education institutions. At BOKU she teaches standard language courses as well as Italian for Science and Technology. In addition, as part of her teaching, she is involved in improving linguistic competence in the tourism sector and in international management. Her profile is completed by noting her work as a freelance translator.

    Mag.a Schiavo In Rotheneder

      • Italian II (A1+)
      • Italian III (A2)

      Giovanna Schiavo Rotheneder was born and grew up in Rome. She received her diploma in translation in 1986, afterwards working as a translator for various publishers and businesses. In 1994 she completed her studies in German, English and Italian studies at the Sapienza Università di Roma, specialising in language teaching in schools and further education institutions. Along with two colleagues, she wrote the Italian textbooks Italiano per economisti (2003) and Affare fatto! (2016). She has worked as an Italian teacher at BOKU since 2006. In June 2018 she obtained her diploma as an educationalist at The University College of Teacher Education Lower Austria.