3D printing service / prototyping / small series

From now on you can have your model, component, etc. printed by us!

Our workshop is equipped with two 3D printers of different technologies.

For robust, durable elements, an FDM printer is available.

For precise and smooth elements, the PolyJet printer is suitable. From fixed and opaque to transparent and flexible, this device can cover a wide range of features of your model.

Who can use this service:

  •     staff and students
  •     companies
  •     individuals

What do you need to print a model:

  •     Your model must be in .stl file format
  •     We can also assist you in creating your 3D-file

It is also possible to scan an object with a 3D handheld scanner.

The costs for printing are calculated using material consumption and pre- and post-processing.

To the price overview.

Please contact us by email.

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Institute for Chemical and Energy Engineering

Peter-Jordan-Straße 82

Schwackhöferhaus, room number 110