The BOKU learning platform (Moodle) was updated to version 4.1.

What's New in BOKUlearn 4.1

The new version includes a completely redesigned interface and new features. In addition, the database activity, question collection and assessment view have also been improved. In the following section, we outline the most important changes.

You can get a comprehensive overview of the new features during our Delta training sessions as well as in the following Delta online courses, which can be accessed at flexible times:

The innovations are also represented accordingly in the Demonstration Course as well as in the Tutorials Course.

In addition, detailed instructions for Moodle 4.0 and Moodle 4.1 are available.

New Login

At the same time as the update, the authentication method "Single-Sign-On" was introduced.

To log in, students and employees now click on the login button "BOKU SSO".

Navigation and basic functions in Moodle 4.1.

Course Index: Use the index to navigate the course. Toggle on and off with the “X”.

Access: “Dashboard”, “My Courses” and “Help”.

Course menu: Layout settings, enrolled participants, gradebook access, course reports.

User menu: Profile, preferences, student mode.

“More”: additional course options like access to “question bank”, “content bank” or “course reuse”.

Edit mode: Toggle on and off with the button.

Blocks drawer: Toggle on and off with the “X”.

Context-sensitive menu: Find precise instructions in "Help and Documentation".

The new BOKUlearn 4.1 user interface

Further innovations

New colour coding system:

The icons of "activities" and "resources" have been given a new design. Their function is now indicated by colour: green stands for communication, red for collaboration, blue for course content and pink for assessment.

Database activity:

  • A optimized start page now makes it easier to create new databases.
  • Three new database templates are available.


The renewed gradebook now lists all assessable activities in the course (1). Using the filter function you can display specific activity types (e.g. all assignments created in the course) (2).

Question bank:

Now change the titles of questions directly in the overview, save questions as "draft" or "ready to use" and track their creation history. Another improvement is the new comment function, which allows you to discuss the questions with colleagues. You can also benefit from the enhanced statistics, which show even more clearly how well each question is working.

Activity completion:

In the course index, students can now see at a glance which of the course elements they have already completed (green circle=completed, empty circle=uncompleted, red cross=failed).

Notification of new course content:

Inform your course participants about changes in the course by activating the option "Send content change notification" when creating or changing course elements. (You can decide individually for each change whether you want to inform your course participants or not).

Chronology of the Update: BOKUlearn 4.1

From June 2023

From July 2023

  • Instructions for Moodle 4.1 are available and are constantly being added to.

From September 2023

  • The update of BOKUlearn (productive instance) will take place in mid-September 2023.
  • Online courses for teachers, students and a combination online course for teachers, tutors and students are available on the BOKUlearn productive instance.
  • Extended user tours are now available on the productive instance.

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