930400 Doctoral seminar

Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Zollitsch, Werner , Wurzinger, Maria , Sölkner, Johann , Knaus, Wilhelm Friedrich , Vogl, Christian R. , Winckler, Christoph , Freyer, Bernhard , Gronauer, Andreas , Quendler, Elisabeth , Meszaros, Gabor , Leeb, Christine , Fürst-Waltl, Birgit , Friedel, Jürgen Kurt
Offered in
Wintersemester 2020/21
Languages of instruction


The Doctoral Seminar for the fields agricultural engineering, livestock sciences and organic farming will be held in separate groups or in some cases jointly.
Information regarding room and time are announced on the blackboard or website of the respective division (www.nas.boku.ac.at).

Advice in solving problems that come up from the dissertation.
Presentation and discussion of preliminary results of the dissertation.
Critical screening and discussion of publications in the regarding scientific field.

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Ability of independently conducting and writing a scientific work (dissertation, doctoral thesis) in the fields of agricultural engineering, livestock sciences or organic farming.
Search and critical interpretation of scientific information and results.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.