Atomic Force Microscopy Bruker Dimension icon

  • Topography
  • Mechanical properties
  • Adhesion properties
  • „Scanning Thermal” microscopy
  • „Chemical Force“ microscopy

Zeiss Axioplan 2

  • Direct-light microscopy
  • Transmitted-light microscopy
  • Flourescence microscopy with very high contrast

Measurement and fibre laboratory

Contact angle measurement device: Krüss DSA30

Contact angle measurement device: Krüss DSA30

  • Manual x- and y-axis and manual lifting table (z-axis)
  • Software controlled single dosing unit
  • Zoom lens
  • Camera with 1200 × 800 px at 200 fps to 90 × 60 px at 2000 fps resolution
  • Very bright, homogeneous LED illumination
  • Software for measuring the contact angle and the free surface energy of solids

Krüss Force tensiometer BP100

Krüss Force tensiometer BP100

  • Measuring the surface tension of liquids
  • Determination of adsorption coefficients and diffusion coefficients
  • Contact angle determination

SPXFLOW APV1000 Laboratory homogenizer

SPXFLOW APV1000 Laboratory homogenizer

  • Homogenization of suspensions
  • Throughput: max 22 l/h
  • Working pressure: 1000 bar
  • Min. quantity: 150ml

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former

  • Addition of fibre suspensions in water with subsequent aeration
  • Drainage through a sieve
  • Vacuum pressurization
  • Drying of the wet sheet

Ultra fine friction grinder

Ultra fine friction grinder

Production of micro-fibrillated cellulose.

Testing laboratory

Mechanical testing machines: Zwick/Roell Z020 up to 20kN; Zwick/Roell Z100 from 50N to 100kN

Areas of application:

  • Static strength tests
  • Determination of the strength and toughness of materials
  • Determination of fracture toughness and fracture energy

Electronic laser speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI)

Non-contact, full-field 3D measurement of a sample surface.

Interference of laser light creates speckle patterns on optically rough surfaces whose change is tracked by camera systems. Suitable for measuring strain in all 3 spatial directions.

Laser extensometer LaserXtens

Laser light creates a "speckle" pattern on the sample, which serve as markings on the sample. Suitable for: Non-contact strain measurement, even on small specimens with high accuracy.

Impact pendulum Zwick/Roell HIT50P

For the determination of the impact strength of materials according to Charpy.

Wood workshop

CNC machine Homag BMG 110

CNC machine Homag BMG 110

  • 5-axis CNC processing
  • Automatic tool change
  • Vacuum clamping devices

Furthermore, all the usual machines for woodworking are available.