Current research initiatives and projects:

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High temperature heat pump testing station

To measure high temperature heat pump systems, a good infrastructure is very important because high temperature and pressure levels of the high temperature heat pump system requires special demand for the testing station. The hole system is designed for nominal pressures up to 25 bar and maximum temperatures of 200°C and covers a power range from 15 to 50 kW. The testing bench runs with an energy efficient recycling heat system and allows individual adjustable temperature levels in the heat circle. With comprehensive measurement techniques, the detection of relevant parameters for scientific research is possible and allows the calculation of major energy operating numbers.



Energy optimized production plant


Due to the rising global energy demand and the increasing urban development, environmental friendly heating systems, such as district heating, are becoming increasingly important. The construction of district heating infrastructure is difficult due to high maintenance costs and the unfavorable situation on the gas and electricity market. Therefore, it is important to use existing resources better and to improve present structures to reduce the energy providing costs.


The current operating status was ascertained with data from the control system and electric power metering in three area converter stations. The investigations relate to construction, operating modes and the control of the stations. Key figurers derived from the results of the investigations.