Advisory Board

The advisory board fulfils the role of a critical, independent auditor of the entiry BOKU carbon offsetting system. The advisory board was constituted on March 10th 2011 and is comprised of 11 members. The members were appointed following a proposal by the Centre for Global Change and Sustainability by the dean of the BOKU. In choosing the members attention was paid to appointing a mixture out of relevant experts from various organisations and BOKU staff.

The advisory board fulfils its functions free of charge. As such, the highest level of transparency and objectivity is guaranteed without having to pay for expensive audits and validations (see more in advantages of the BOKU system). As a result, 100% of donations can be used for the climate protection projects.

Aims and functions of the advisory board

(1)  Advising the BOKU in matters of carbon offsetting, particularly in the execution of BOKU offsetting activities

(2)  Supporting the quality control of carbon offsetting at the BOKU, particularly reviewing CO2-methodologies / CO2-calculations for specific offsetting projects at BOKU

(3)  Selection of BOKU climate protection projects to be supported by carbon offset payments

(4)  Controlling the purpose-conform usage of the carbon offset revenue (donations)

(5)  Supporting the scientific discourse in carbon offsetting at the BOKU


Mag. Dominik Schmitz (Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, BOKU)

Dr. Thomas Lindenthal (Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, BOKU)

Dr. Stefan Gara (ETA Environmental Management)
Mag. Kristin Duchâteau, MA (Austrian Development Bank)
DI. Jesus Garcia Latorre (Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water, Section V, Environmental Policy)
Adam Pawloff, MA (Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, BOKU)
Dr. Michael Hauser (altern. DI. Florian Peloschek) (Centre for Development Research, CDR, BOKU)
DI. Roland Linzner (Institute for Waste Management, BOKU)
Msc Karl Braun and 1 member of the working group campus ecology, BOKU
1 member of the Austrian Students Council, BOKU


Download the advisory board’s rules of procedure here.