Calculation examples



Here you can see the distance flown, the per-passenger CO2-emissions and the costs of offsetting of a number of different routes.



Carbon offsetting of flights in the context of a BOKU research project

Using a real example, the potential costs of carbon offsetting flights during a research project are listed. The project „Central and Eastern Europe Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment“ was conducted by the Institute for Meteorology (one project partner) and took place in the context of the 6th European Framework Program over a time span of 3.5 years.

During the part of the project involving the Institute for Meteorology, 9 meetings took place. 5 of these destinations were travelled to by train. The other 4 meetings – in Bucharest, Varna and two in Thessaloniki – were reached by plane. In the table below, the CO2-emissions per-passenger in economy class, the per-person costs of offsetting, the total costs of offsetting per journey and the total costs of offsetting for the project are listed.