BOKU Sustainability Award 2019

Category Research / Call for Papers 2019

BOKU students and researchers are cordially invited to submit their sustainability-related research of the last three years for a presentation at the BOKU Sustainability Day (April 10, 2019) and thus for the BOKU Sustainability Award "Licht der Zukunft” (Light of the Future) in the category “Research”.

The BOKU Sustainability Award is endowed with 1.000 € (1), a trophy and a certificate.

Sustainability-related research is research that concerns issues of sustainable development in the broadest sense. In any case, research dealing with (single) Sustainable Development Goals and pursuing a system-oriented approach is included. For more information, see the evaluation criteria [2] or contact lisa.bohunovsky(at) 


Your research must be submitted via the submission form: DOWNLOAD SUBMISSIONFORM.

All submissions will be reviewed by a jury. The jury decides on presentations at the BOKU Sustainability Day, as well as three nominations and the winner of the BOKU Sustainability Award. All submitters will be notified by mid-March if their work has been selected for a presentation on the BOKU Sustainability Day or has been nominated for the BOKU Sustainability Award. Please stay free for the presentation (during the day) and for the award ceremony (18-20 o'clock) on April 10, 2019 or send an informed representative. The presentation on the BOKU Sustainability Day takes place in the Pecha Kucha format (see below).

Deadline: 20 February 2019

Submit the filled-in form by e-mail to lichtderzukunft (at)

Important information about the call:

  • Please use the pre-defined form for submission (see above). Full publications or master theses should be attached.
  • Submission is open to BOKU employees and BOKU students. Former BOKU students and employees can also submit papers that were created during that time as BOKU employees / students.
  • Only finished (submitted) publications, final reports of research projects, completed master theses, completed dissertations, etc. will be accepted. Minimum requirement: Master's level
  • Research papers from the last 3 years can be submitted.
  • Several abstracts can be submitted per person, however, a maximum of one lecture per person will be awarded. A work can also be submitted by several people. The prize money would have to be shared in case of the 1st prize.
  • Language for submissions and presentation: German or English
  • Maximum length of the abstracts: 350 words, sources should be limited to the short form, e.g. (Müller 2010)
  • By submitting you agree to the publication of your abstract.
  • Consent to the recording of your presentation in sound and image is requested (see form)

Evaluation criteria:


  • Comprehensible explanation of how the work meets the principles and dimensions of sustainability in BOKU research according to BOKU's understanding of sustainability.
  • To what extent does the work deal with (individual) Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Does the work follow a system-oriented approach? (Are different dimensions of the problem addressed, i.e., scientific, technical, social, environmental, economic and / or cultural aspects?)

Other optional criteria:

  • Social impact
  • degree of innovation
  • involvement of young scientists


Presentation format at the BOKU Sustainability Day:

Pecha Kucha (20 slides à 20 seconds)

Pecha Kucha (pronounced: petscha-kucha, jap. Spelling ぺ ち ゃ く ち ゃ (hiragana), meaning "confused chattering, voices"), is a lecture technique in which for an oral presentation suitable images (slides) are projected on a wall. The number of slides is set with 20 as well as the 20-second duration of the projection time per slide. The total duration of the lecture is thus 6 minutes 40 seconds.

The advantages of this technique lies in the entertaining, concise presentation with rigid time limits, which make lengthy lectures and the associated fatigue of the listener ("death by powerpoint" syndrome) impossible from the outset. Here, the KISS principle is followed by using as little text as possible.

Source and more Information:

The BOKU Sustainability Day will take place on 10th of april, 2019.

[1] Applies to payment to non-BOKU employees or associations, as well as inter-company payments. Payment to persons employed at BOKU results in lower payments as it is considered as a salary component with tax payments and social security contributions.