Learning towards sustainability

While technical and institutional innovations are essential to overcome sustainability challenges, such innovations become useful only when people put them into use. Only when solutions resonate with peoples’ values and beliefs, social practices will change. Such change can be supported through appropriate learning processes.


We therefore investigate how to initiate, facilitate and hand over such learning processes—at farm level, in multi-stakeholder settings and higher education. We draw on theories of social learning, and in particular transformative and transgressive learning.


By providing explanatory evidence, we contribute to advancing the field of sustainability learning.

Selected publications

Probst, L., Bardach, L., Kamusingize, D., Templer, N., Ogwali, H., Owamani, A., ... & Adugna, B. T. (2019). A transformative university learning experience contributes to sustainability attitudes, skills and agency. Journal of Cleaner Production232, 648-656.

Probst, L., Ndah, H. T., Rodrigues, P., Basch, G., Coulibaly, K., & Schuler, J. (2019). From adoption potential to transformative learning around Conservation Agriculture. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension25(1), 25-45.