(C) Kogler Clemens

Food and nutrition security

Food and nutrition security is fundamental to health, peace and development.

In 2050, food systems will need to provide for 10 billion people sustainably. This goal is threatened by conflicts, rising inequalities and the climate crisis. We need profound evidence to guide policies and programs in addressing this challenge.

Our focus is on understanding transitions in food systems and developing applicable strategies for communities to increase food and nutrition security.

We currently work with partners in Sub-Sahara Africa, Latin America, and Austria. 

Kenya: we investigate the connection between community-supported urban gardens and participants’ dietary behaviour. In a region characterised by resource conflicts, we analyse strategies for increasing resource availability and governance. Given the vital role of women of reproductive age in nutrition, we study options to diversify diets for smallholder farming communities by integrating food trees into existing mixed crop farming systems. 

Burkina Faso: with a wide range of stakeholders, we develop pathways for fisheries and aquaculture as a contribution to food and nutrition security. 

Peru: the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the High Andes depend to a large extent on llamas and alpacas. The main objective of our work is to develop alternative breeding strategies to improve meat production in llamas and fibre production in alpacas. Together with local stakeholders (farmers´ association, NGOs, ministry) pathways for more sustainable production strategies are designed.   

Austria: with partners, we investigate how a shift towards more sustainable and healthy diets can be induced in Austria. A particular focus is on the resilience of food systems and the impact of the Austrian food system on the Global South. 

Selected publications

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