EducLocalFOOD is an Erasmus+ project involving five partner countries (France, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal and Austria) which aims to develop and disseminate a common and innovative pedagogical toolkit on local sustainable food systems (LSFS). The tool kit is developed in cooperation with teachers and trainers from partnering agricultural vocational education schools located in the partner countries. Our partner is the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy ( Based on their teaching experiences, a multidisciplinary and systemic approach is used to create a tool kit entailing methods such as case studies or service learning to provide students with skills and knowledge about LSFS.

Institutions involved:

  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria
  • University of Lisbon (UL), Portugal
  • University of Maribor (UM), Slovenia
  • Bergerie Nationale (CEZ), France (Project leader)
  • European Landscape Observatory of Arco Latino (OEP)

For more information on the EducLocalFood project:

Find a poster of the project here.

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