We also welcome new topics that fall under both of these topic headings, please contact us with your research interest: Bernhard.freyer[at]boku.ac.at

current master topics

Here you can find our current possible Master thesis and Phd topics, please contact us if interested:

tropics: social science

  • Socially relevant sustainable agriculture education – prospects and challenges of a community-university partnership in the Beira region, MozambiqueMA_ISAM_education_tropen_sw.pdf
  • Gender-sensitive participatory curricula development for sustainable farming in MozambiqueMA_ISAM_gender_tropen_sw.pdf
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities in sustainable farming higher education – perspectives and experiences from the Beira region, MozambiqueMA_ISAM_inclusion_tropen_sw.pdf
  • Organic farming in Mozambique – prospects and challengesMA_ISAM_training_tropen_sw.pdf
  • Towards a transdisciplinary, participatory, action-oriented approach in sustainable agriculture higher education – a case study in the Beira region, MozambiqueMA_ISAM_trans_tropen_sw.pdf

tropics: natural science

europe: social science

Europe: natural science

Finally, we would like to refer you to our Master Template or our Dissertation template for proposals in either area, and to look for more information concerning registration from student administration here: LINK.