Heidemarie Pirker, Dr. Mag.

Heidemarie Pirker, Dr. Mag.

Arbeitsgruppe Wissenssysteme und Innovationen

Adresse: Gregor Mendel Haus, 3. Stock, AGWI, Gregor Mendel-Str. 33, 1180 Wien
Tel.: (+43)1/47654-93337

E-Mail: heidemarie.pirker(at)boku.ac.at


Heidemarie Pirker’s main research interests are in the field of medicinal and culinary ethnobotany, social network analysis and participatory research with young people.

She completed her doctoral studies in Organic Farming and Nature Conservation at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Her doctoral thesis focused on the transformation and transmission of ethnobotanical knowledge in the context of migration (FWF – Austrian Science Fund).

She received her master degree in ecology and aquatic microbial ecology at the University of Vienna and the Department “BIO – Biological Oceanography“ at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Texel/The Netherlands. Under the scheme of ERASMUS she studied one year at the Laboratoire d’Ecologie Humaine et d’Anthropologie at the Université d’Aix-Marseille III in France.

In her last project she worked in an interdisciplinary research team on the biocultural diversity, climate relevance and health impacts of young people’s eating habits (Sparkling Science - a programme of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research).

She has been trained in Plant Taxonomy, Identification and field survey techniques at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK), funded by the the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), UK. She is currently lecturing the subject of Ethnobotany at the BOKU University.

Past projects

Dynamics of local knowledge - FWF-Project about the transmission and transformation of local knowledge of Tyrolean farmers who have immigrated to Brazil, Peru & Australia (Tytolean Emigrants' Knowledge)

McKioto:Biocultural diversity, climate relevance and health impacts of young people's eating habits