Anna Oberpertinger B.Sc.

Even as a child I knew that I would like to do something with animals later. Therefore, only two studies came into consideration for me, veterinary medicine or agricultural science. I chose the latter, because I was particularly impressed by the family flair of BOKU. So, the choice of my Master's degree was clear from the very beginning. I would like to continue my education in the field of animal science. I am particularly interested in topics that deal with animal welfare and animal behavior, especially in connection with different animal husbandry systems. For this reason, I would like to deal with animal welfare and animal-friendly husbandry in my later professional field and as a consultant I would like to give farmers an understanding of this. As a student assistant at the Division of Livestock Sciences I gain a lot of insights into various research projects concerning animal husbandry systems, animal behavior and animal welfare and will also focus on those specific topics in my master thesis.

Have I ever regretted not having chosen to study veterinary medicine? No, because what I do gives me a lot of pleasure and shows me that there are so many different areas and possibilities to do something for animals, not only as a veterinarian.

Anna visiting grey cattle calves at the alpine pasture