u:book - Notebooks for BOKU students and staff

At the beginning of each semester - currently between Sept 22 and Oct 19 - BOKU students and staff members can buy business notebooks for MS-Windows, Linux/Ubunto or Mac OS X (Apple) at special bargain prices.

Abstracts of thesis

The web application for the abstracts data input and for the BOKU thesis search is now available both in German and in English. Students and supervisors whose native language is not German will now be able to use it with more ease.

The New BOKUweb

We are currently changing our web site to a new structure and to the new coporate design of our university, with the help of the open source content management system Typo3. More information about this project and its timetable is available in German.

Welcome to BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna!

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