Diethard Mattanovich re-elected as Vice-President of the European Federation of Biotechnology

At the last meeting of the Executive Board of the European Federation of Biotechnology in Barcelona, Diethard Mattanovich was re-elected Vice-President of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB).

The EFB is Europe's non-profit association of national biotechnology associations, professional societies, universities, biotech companies and also individual biotechnologists who are committed to the promotion of biotechnology in Europe and beyond. Diethard Mattanovich was elected Vice-President of the Executive Board since 2017. During his term of office, he was particularly interested in contact with Asia and the scientific development of industrial biotechnology, and he intends to continue to bring this focus to life. In 1978 the EFB started as a small group from several European countries and has grown to 30,000 members operating throughout the world from Latin America to China, Korea and Japan. As an independent Voice of Biotechnology in Europe, EFB promotes the safe, sustainable and beneficial application of basic research and innovation in the life sciences while providing a forum for interdisciplinary and international collaboration. Diethard Mattanovich has been Professor of Microbial Cell Factory Design at the Department of Biotechnology since 2012. His research focuses on yeast genetics, systems biology, metbolic engineering and industrial biotechnology. Since the conception and foundation of the Austrian Centre of Biotechnology (acib), he has been significantly involved as Area Manager to push on university research work in the industrial environment and in close cooperation with national and international biotech companies in an application-oriented setting but still focussed on high scientific level. As coordinator of the focus Bioprocess Engineering in the Master's programme Biotechnology, and in the BOKU PhD course BioToP, he has been a principal investigator for many years, preparing the next generation of graduates for their professional future - in science as well as in industry.
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