Prof. Erik Reimhult at TEDx Klagenfurt

Nanomaterials are advancing our technological capabilities in ways that border on what might be perceived as science fiction. Their role in biology, interactions and use in medicine and biotechnology are studied at BOKU. Watch this TEDx video of Univ. Prof. Erik Reimhult explaining some of the ideas guiding research on nanomaterials at the Institute for Biologically Inspired Materials.

TEDx Klagenfurt is a yearly TED talk event organized independently to spread ideas and inspiration. In the latest instalment, Prof. Erik Reimhult from Institute for Biologically Inspired Materials (Department of Nanobiotechnology) at BOKU shared his inspiration. The YouTube video of the no-props talk to the TEDx crowd is now shared here. Have a look and maybe visit the next TEDx Klagenfurt yourself this summer!

About the talk: Nanomaterials are tiny, but increasingly our most advanced technology is built from assembled nanomaterials impacting our everyday lives.

While nanotechnology is a word usually associated with computers and electronics, nanotechnology in the form of novel nanomaterials might have an even greater impact on our lives. They are quietly, already for some time, revolutionizing technologies such as light-weight and self-cleaning materials, energy production, chemistry and catalysis, foods, cosmetics and medicine.

Most products we use rely heavily on improvements of properties that are engineered on the nanoscale. Maybe even more unknown, is how much biological systems rely on nanoscale building blocks to achieve the living, high-performance materials around us. Biology is thus a great source of inspiration for physicists and chemists trying to develop nanomaterials for a sustainable future, for the environment and for medicine.

At the Institute for Biologically Inspired Materials we follow our fascination to understand nanomaterials on a level that makes it possible to design new ones that can perform smarter and more versatile functions in biological systems.