IOBC-meeting of the working group "Integrated control of plant-feeding mites" 2019 at BOKU

Recent findings concerning integrated pest control of plant-feeding mites were presented and discussed from 16.-20. September 2019 at BOKU.

Mites play a pivotal role in agriculture, because depending on the species they can act as pest species (spider mites, gall mites) and as natural enemies of pest mites (predatory mites). Around 60 scientists, professionals from public and private sectors and students have participated the 7th meeting of the IOBC-working group „Integrated control of plant-feeding mites“ from 16th to 19th September at the BOKU, organized by the Institute of Plant Protection (Dr. Andreas Walzer). The presented topics ranged from behaviour and ecology of mites; spider mite and gall mite control; above- and below-ground interactions to climate warming effects on mite pest management. For further information: