at the INSTITUTE OF HYDROBIOLOGY AND AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT (14.-23.01.2020): "Population genetics and evolution of selected African fishes in Uganda"

From 14th to 23rd of January 2020 Assoc.Prof. Dr. Charles Masembe will give his guest lecture under the title “Population genetics and evolution of selected African fishes in Uganda“. Questions like “What is an ideal population?” or “What is evolution?” will be clarified by talking about phenotypic and genotypic variation in natural populations for example or by presenting evolutionary time scales. Population genetic sequences will be used for practical group work.

Assoc.Prof. Masembe is a molecular geneticist (Dept. of Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries Sciences, College of Natural Sciences at Makerere University), with teaching and research experience in molecular population genetics, fisheries genetics, conservation genetics, diagnostics, evolution and epidemiology of important diseases of domestic animals, mainly foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever (ASF). Through a wide research network and capacity building thrust, he has globally collaborated with several scientists in animal health and agriculture related disciplines as well as with scientists from BOKU.

Details about the lecture (812.023) can be found via this link: