Corona regulations for restricted university life

The universities in Austria are no longer allowed to give courses by Monday. Here is the latest information on the further course of teaching for the summer semester 2020.

Update 02.April 2020

Taking into account the current requirements of the Austrian Federal Government and based on the recommendation of the BOKU Corona Crisis Staff the following regulations are made by the Rectorate on the further course of teaching for the summer semester 2020 for BOKU staff:

Study Law

We are currently receiving many inquiries regarding a possible extension of the grace period, semester counts, handling of registration for extraordinary civilian service/presence service, payment/repayment of tuition fees, etc. Unfortunately, these questions cannot be answered yet, because the COVID-19-Higher Education Act and the ordinance(s) of the Federal Minister have to be awaited. Still open study law and organizational issues will be discussed with the Ministry in the next few weeks. It is to be expected that a clarification of the open points will take place until after Easter and the announced regulations will be issued.

Of course we try to accommodate the students by extending the deadlines, e.g. when applying for the exemption from tuition fees or the scholarship for graduation. 


As it is not foreseeable from today's point of view when classroom teaching will be possible again, BOKU Vienna has decided, based on current assessments of the situation, that no courses with physical presence will be held until the end of June 2020. It is therefore urgently necessary to convert all courses that have not yet been converted to digital teaching and learning forms. Block courses planned for May and June must also be converted to a digital form.

Due to the current situation, the Senate has decided to suspend the exam and course-free periods for July and September 2020 in order to support the implementation of teaching and examinations. For courses that cannot be converted under any circumstances, such as laboratory exercises, and for which no substitute services are specified, this will result in extended opportunities for holding courses.

For a better planning and communication with your students, it is urgently necessary to enter all changes in courses and exams in BOKUonline and to inform the students about the changes.

We are very pleased that our students are active as "COVID helpers". As already informed by Rector Hasenauer, this commitment should also be reflected in the consideration as teaching achievements. These can be: 

1. Compulsory internships or parts of a compulsory internship: can be considered by the responsible course instructor when evaluating the course. The decision on this is made by the course lecturer(s)* in the compulsory practical course.

2. Free elective course: a course "Coronahelfer*innen I" with 4 ECTS (4 weeks) can be taken. For an employment of 2 weeks there is the course "Coronahelfer*innen II" (2 ECTS), for more than 4 weeks a registration for both courses is possible. Registration for the corresponding course is done in BOKUonline and a company confirmation of the employment including the duration of the employment is handed over to the Study Services. The Study Services will issue a certificate "successfully attended" after checking the information. 

Which activities will be considered: 

- harvest workers

- practical activities related to the coronavirus pandemic (volunteer* in a blue light facility, working in a food production company, etc.)


The students should be able to complete all courses of the summer semester 2020. Regulations will soon be announced which, among other things, provide for a waiver of practical work for courses that are part of the examination and for substitutions for certain types of courses.

IT-specific information & measures

Current changes and additions can be found on the BOKU-IT info page: