Congratulations to the winners of the 22nd BOKU CAS Semester Touchdown!

Long presentations:

1. price: Josef SCHENKENFELDER; 2. price: Roland BRITZ; 3. price: Vanessa KAISER

Short presentation:

1. price: Angelika Rosa SEIDL; 2. price: Natalia NÖLLENBURG; 3. price: Verena GRÖßBACHER

The 22nd semester touchdown of Agricultural Sciences was held on Monday, June 13, 2022 for the first time in 2 years in presence, in EXHS 01. A total of 4 dissertations and 8 master's theses were presented.

The 6 theses, which were presented as talks in the first 2 blocks of the Touchdown, dealt on the one hand with the subject areas of the Department of Crop Sciences: Here, two final theses were presented in the field of crop protection, one of them dealing with the effect of spinach and hop extract on the feeding activity of turnip weevil, the other thesis investigated the pathogenicity of Austrian Tilletia caries isolates on wheat. In the field of crop production, a paper was presented on the influence of a potato dam cover on selected soil and crop management criteria in potatoes and the subsequent crop winter wheat. Also, 3 papers were presented from the subject areas of the Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems: One paper was completed in the area of organic agriculture and agroecology and showed the results of a study on the short-term fertilization efficiency of bio-based phosphate fertilizers. The area of digitization in agriculture was also represented with a research paper on spectral-based analysis of plant composition of permanent grassland stands. The last of the presentations then addressed the area of livestock science, looking at risk indicators and farmer motivation for improvements in animal welfare in dairy farming in Austria.

In the poster presentations, 2 other student research papers in the field of animal welfare were presented, one on stress in alpacas during shearing, the other on play behavior of calves as a parameter of positive animal welfare. A paper prepared in the framework of the international master program "Environmental Sciences in Europe" in cooperation with SLU in Sweden investigated the effects of regenerative farming methods on soil health and carbon sequestration in Gotland/Sweden. A poster on the role of RimO in the secondary metabolism of Aspergillus nidulans was also presented from the field of phytomedicine, and a paper was presented from the field of organic agriculture that addressed issues related to the producer perspective in the field of social sustainability of community-supported agriculture.

The three best oral presentations were selected by the attending jury of university professors, Boku staff and the attending representatives of the ÖH Agrar, the three best poster presentations were determined by audience voting. The prizes, which were sponsored by the Agricultural Graduates Association, were presented this time by Florentine Kranzler from the ÖH AW, representing the chairman of the Agricultural Graduates Johann Steinwider:


Long presentations:

1st place: Josef SCHENKENFELDER: Dairy cow welfare in Austria - risk indicators and farmers' motivation for improvement.

2nd place: Roland BRITZ: Spectral-based analysis of plant composition of permanent grassland stands.

3rd place: Vanessa KAISER: The effect of spinach and hop extract on the feeding activity of the turnip weevil Asproparthenis (Bothynoderes) punctiventris.

Short presentations:

1st place: Angelika Rosa SEIDL: The Role of RimO in Secondary Metabolism of Aspergillus nidulans

2nd place: Natalia NÖLLENBURG: Stress in alpacas: physiological and behavioral responses during the shearing procedure

3rd place: Verena GRÖßBACHER: Playing behavior as a parameter of positive animal welfare in calves: effects of
milk quantity and social environment on automatically recorded play behavior and the motivation to play.

The program for the 22nd Touchdown can be found here!

The next semester Touchdown of the BOKU Center for Agricultural Sciences will take place in January 2023. All information about this and past Touchdowns, as well as other BOKU CAS activities and events can be found


We would like to thank the Association of BOKU Agricultural Graduates for donating the prizes!