The Department of Nanobiotechnology at EBSA 2021

Prof. Erik Reimhult (Institute of Biologically Inspired Materials) and Prof. José L. Toca-Herrera (Institute of Biophysics) are members of the local organizing and scientific committee.

They have actively participated in the organization of the 13th European Biophysics Conference and will chair the sessions dedicated to Biomimetic Nanopores and Mechanobiology, respectively.

The EBSA meeting is organized every two years. The 13th EBSA meeting in Vienna will take place in a hybrid form (on-site and on-line). By the numbers, the conference will feature 90 invited speakers, and about 90 junior researchers will present their results in short talks.

The topics covered by EBSA 2021 include single-molecule biophysics, nanopores, high resolution optical and force microscopy, ion channels and transporters, lipids and membranes, structural biology, theoretical biophysics, and cell mechanics among others.

As a highlight, the opening public lecture will be held by Ada E. Yonath (Israel), Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, with a talk entitled “From origin of life to modern medicine”.

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