The following section provides you with all forms relevant for personnel administration. For questions concerning the content please contact the personnel management.

Vacancy Notice

Request for occupation (Global Budget)
Vacancy Form General Personnel
Vacancy Form Scientific Personnel

Additions / Changes in the Employment Status

Job Description General Personnel
Job Description Scientific Personnel
Computer Glasses
Statement Starting Employment
Duty Roster

Commuter Allowance Declaration: Commuter Calculator of the BMF.

Form 3 - New / Changed Staff Members for Third-Party Funded Projects
Form 3 - Freelancer (freie Dienstnehmer/innen)
Hazard Bonus
Declaration of Secondary Employment
Pension Fund - Employee Declaration

Further information on the pension fund can be found in the section "Company Pension Fund".

Project Grants

Gross Annual Wage Costs for Project Accounts
Extra Pay Project Funded Allowances
Request for Payment of a Bonus from Project Funds According to the Employment Agreement

The employment agreement on project funded bonuses can be found in the section "Personnel Law" --> "Guidelines and Employment Agreements".

Career Positions

Vacancy Form Career Position §99 Abs. 5 UG
Form Qualification Agreement
Form Interim Report
Form Final Report Qualification Agreement

Freelancer (Freie Dienstnehmer/innen)


Vacation, Sick Leave, Leave of Absence


Vacation Form
Measuring the Vacation Entitlement According to § 3 UrlG
Form Compensatory Time-Off

Sick Leave

Sick Leave Notification / Fitness for Duty Certification
Accident Notification BVA
Accident Notification AUVA (GKK)

Leave of Absence

Leave for 30+ Days (For Scientific Staff Members Only)
Leave for less than 30 Days (for Scientific Staff Members Only)
Educational Leave
Parental Leave / Extention Parental Leave
Paternity Leave


Notification Form for Almost-Accidents (Sent to BOKU Safety Officer)

Traveling on University Business

Domestic Business Trip
Business Trip Abroad
Travel Cost Contribution
Travel Expenses Advance

Further information and guidelines on business trips can be found in the section "Traveling on University Business".

Performance Reviews

Recording Sheets Performance Review

Employment Termination

Request for Consensual Termination