Compliance Guidelines

In the guideline ethically and legally correct behavior is discussed in more detail. As part of the training pass this policy is to be read mandatory for new employee.

Commuters' Allowance, Commuters' Euro and Travelling Allowance

The application for the commuters' allowance has to be submitted at the Personnel Department. The form can be found on the webpage of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The entitlement for the commuters' Euro and traveling allowance stems from the commuters' allowance.


Conventions and rules

As it turns out, there are a few documents, the content of all employees BOKU should be aware:

Depending on the task, other documents you are still important. Please discuss with your executive, which they are. The following is a compilation of all policies and administrative regulations BOKU in the current version at: document collection

As part of the training pass reading the above documents for new employees is mandatory!

Continuing Education Academy

Complementing classical university teaching, the BOKU offers continuing education programs geared towards communities and target markets connected to its thematic core areas, natural resources and life sciences.

Corporate Design

To ensure that everything looks uniform, the BOKU has templates for letterheads, presentations, publications, posters, door signs, invitations, etc. All logos and specifications for the corporate design can be found on the server under S: / Corporate_Design and in the manual.


The integration of students and employees with disabilities or chronic/mental illnesses is an important concern for the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. For this reason, the staff position for the support of people with special needs was established in 2010 in order to ensure equal access to all services and offers of BOKU for the target group and to reduce possible "barriers". This staff position was integrated into the former Coordination Unit for Equality and Gender Studies as of January 2021. In the course of this, the new Coordination Office for Equality, Diversity and Disability was established.


BOKU thrives on the diversity of its members and the plurality of its disciplines and fields of activity. As a place of diversity, BOKU wants to develop and create spaces in which everyone* can move and develop freely - regardless of their generation or age, their socio-economic background, their educational biography, their cultural and ethnic backgrounds of experience, their individual life and family plans, their gender identification and expression of gender, their individual views of themselves and the world, and regardless of mental and physical disabilities and accessibilities as well as their responsibilities concerning care and foster work.

Document Collection

The document collection offers a systematic overview of essential BOKU documents and supports when searching for documents. Content is constantly updated.


The department of "Lehrentwicklung" is the central point of contact at BOKU in the area of ​​didactics, technical implementation and multimedially edited teaching contents.

BOKU learn - the university-wide used web-based learning platform combines the advantages of classroom and online teaching and offers instructors a variety of new possibilities: in addition to providing teaching content of all sorts (pdf scripts, multimedia content), instructors can also interact with students using various communication tools (such as discussion fora, chats, etc.) and enhance their participation thanks to numerous activities (such as self tests, tasks etc.)

Employee Representation

See "Work Council"

Environmental Management

It is one of BOKU's special concerns as a responsible university to actively participate in the protection of the environment and help develop an organization that is sustainable. Thus, since 2005 we have been developing an environmental management system based on the European Ecological Audit Directive (EMAS-VO 761/2001) since the summer of 2005.

The European Ecological Audit Directive (EMAS-VO 761/2001) requires organizations to voluntarily contribute higher environmental protection than required by law. These organizations are regularly audited by government-certified environmental auditors and disclose their environmental statement.

Information on which objectives and measures have been realized by BOKU so far can be found at

www.boku.ac.at/emas.html (only in German available).

Equal Opportunities Working Party

The objectives of the Equal Opportunities Working Party include counseling and support of members and organizations on equal treatment and women empowerment.

BOKU members can approach the members of the Equal Opportunities Working Party in all issues related to equal treatment, discrimination, women empowerment, sexual harassment or bullying respectively.


In our work to promote gender equality we strive to ensure equal opportunities for all BOKU members in all areas of the university. We also achieve structural preconditions for equal access and promotion prospects for all genders. With the gender equality plan anchored in the statutes, BOKU is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all BOKU members and to creating interaction in an appreciative and resource-oriented manner.

Ethics Charter

The Ethics Charter lays the foundation for acting responsibly at BOKU. It aims to generate awareness within BOKU and to communicate – internally and externally – that BOKU and its members attach great importance to acting in an ethically considerate manner. The Ethics Charter is the consensual product of a thorough bottom-up consultation process involving the entire University. The basic ethical principles, operating values and objectives compiled in the five chapters of the Ethics Charter provide an ethical foundation and supplement the existing guidelines of BOKU. The objectives are formulated for cooperation within the BOKU community, including teaching and research.



Event management provides you with advice and accompanying support for the organization and realization of events.

Since May 2014 BOKU is a certifier for Green Meetings and Green Events. The event management supports you in designing your event in an ecologically friendly and socially acceptable way.

Event Calendar

Current events can be viewed on the departmental and institute welcome pages and other websites.

You can provide the input yourself via BOKUonline.

External Funding

The Research Support office supports for the acquisition of external funding.

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