Healthy BOKU - "Gesunde BOKU"- Occupational Health Management

BOKU actively promotes a healthy working environment.

House regulation

The house regulation applies to all employees of the BOKU and regulates the use and management of facilities (access, key management, dogs, etc.). As part of the training passport this document is compulsory  to read for all new staff.

Human Resources Development

BOKU's human resources development comprises all activities that help staff members to better cope with their current or future requirements at their workplace. The objective of the Department of Human Resources Development is to provide the best possible counseling to managers and staff members. The tools are manifold and constantly expanded. Among others, various workshops are offered that focus on management and leadership, the core competence science, self-management, language and method know-how and project management. In addition, the Department of Human Resources Development provides support through guidelines and checklists on topics such as performance reviews, searching for and selecting new staff members and for employees after a leave of absence.

Introduction lecture

In the introduction lecture, new members of staff receive information about the BOKU: historical, competences, organizational plan, legal ...

IT Hotline

The  BOKU-IT Hotline is available for you if you have specific problems that your IT manager or tutor was unable to help you solve.

IT Services

On the IT Service's main page you can find a quick start guide for IT services ("First Steps") as well as an extensive index on all services offered by IT Services.

First Steps

BOKU IT Services

Job Postings - Internal Job Exchange

BOKU staff members have the opportunity to apply for another position internally.

Job Safety - Occupational Medicine

Information on the topics employment protection, occupational medicine, fire protection, fire safety engineers, first aiders and safety engineering can be found here. The document "General safety instructions" describes exciting and entertaining the most important aspects of health and safety in the workplace. They are, inter alia, informed of the duties as an employee, ergonomic aspects of the (computer) workplace, deal with accidents, etc.  As part of the training pass, the "General safety instructions" are mandatory to read!

Leadership principles

Important values and standards for managing staff are written down in the Guidelines for Staff Management.

Continuous development of leadership competence is a major concern at BOKU. Professional leadership skills need know how and a common understanding of management.

Therefore guidelines for staff management were now developed in various working group meetings. Numerous senior managers, rectorate and delegates of different bodies participated in the discussion. The guidelines are binding on all levels of leadership.

Library / Books

BOKU's University Library consists of a main library, specialist libraries for Food Science and Biotechnology, Economics, Law and Social Sciences (SOWIRE), Forest - Nature - Engineering, Landscape Design as well as specialist libraries at BOKU's institutes and facilities. All relevant information on the use of the library (literature research, new acquisitions, etc.) as well as various services (guided tours, trainings) can be found on the library's homepage.

Mailing lists

At the BOKU there are a number of mailing lists to which you are automatically assigned (f.e.: all persons of an organizational unit).

In the building info mailing list, the assignment is often not automatic. If you would like to receive important information about the building, such as a necessary power cut, etc. you can register yourself with the mailing list:

Please write an email to sympa(at)list.boku.ac.at with the subject subscribe gebaeudeinfo-Abbreviation of your working building. The exact abbreviation of your working building you find here

Newsletter - "Mitteilungsblatt"

The newsletter is an official publication of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.

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