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Registration for Courses Free of Charge:

Registration takes place exclusively via BOKUonline after successful login.

In your BOKUonline Business Card in the section Dienste (Services) you can find the link  BOKU-Trainingspass / Schulungen (Training Opportunities) where free training opportunities / courses / seminars offered by the Information Technology Department, the Center of Education and the Personnel Development are listed. 

Registration for Fee-Based Courses:

Registration takes places exclusively via the Registration Form.

Please send the completely filled and signed registration form scanned as an e-mail to personalentwicklung@boku.ac.at or via the internal mail service to Personnel Development, Borkowskigasse 3, 1190 Wien.

For fee-based courses the cost contribution is charged automatically after the course. If you do not participate in a course that you registered for, please deregister in time. Deregistration within the registration period is free of charge. If you deregister after the registration period has ended, the cost contribution is charged unless you can name a replacement participant.

Course registration is binding. If the number of course participants is limited, registration is allotted on a first come first serve basis. The Personnel Department reserves the right to refuse registration of persons if they do not match the target group listed in the course description, place registered persons on the waiting list if they only partially belong to the described target group or if other persons are in more immediate need of the course (for example, in order to fulfill their qualification objectives).

Please note our general terms and conditions (AGB).

Some seminars are hold together in cooperation with TU Wien. Colleagues from BOKU and TU Wien are welcome to participate.

Seminars for English-speaking staff

22.10.2019 + 19.11.2019    
How to write a scientific publication in life sciences         60 €
25.+26.04.2019       How to peer review a scientific manuscript         40 €
18.+20.2.2020       Basics in University Didactics and Academic Instruction         free of charge
ab 02.10.2019       Deutschkurs A2+ - B1         free of charge
20.02.2020       Creating your own videos for teaching - Crash Course         free of charge
29.11.2019       How to successfully prepare your teaching portfolio         free of charge
18.+19.11.2019       Appointment training for prospective professors         60 €
10.2.-14.2.2020 and 17.2.-21.2.2020       Writing Retreat         free of charge
8.10.+9.10.2019       First Aid - 16 hours         free of charge

Since 2014 BOKU has been licensee for Green Meetings and Green Events.

Selected courses are certified as Green Meetings!