'Fit for BOKU'

Support for the introduction phase and lifelong learning at BOKU

Step 1

BOKU is explained to you and you can get to know colleagues. Please register for the next possible date.

Next date: 1.10.2021

Registration here

Step 2

  • House Regulations
  • General Safety Instructions
  • Compliance Guidelines

Please carefully read these documents as well as other instructions relevant for your field(s) of work. You can find these documents here.

Step 3

  • Introduction to Research Projects
  • Introduction to Teaching at BOKU
  • Leading Appraisal Interviews

Please register for the next possible date: Registration

Step 4

The following specializations are available: "Fit for Teaching", "Fit for Research", "Fit for Projects", "Fit for Leadership", "Fit for Administration"

Step 5

Both internal and external further education and training courses may be attended. All task-relevant certificates of attendance and other certificates may be credited for your BOKU Training Passport.

Step 6

Log onto your training passport in order to view and print the list of already attended further education and training courses. 

What Is the Training Passport?

The Training Passport supports BOKU staff members at the beginning of their working relationship by providing tailored information. Later on, the Training Passport provides further education and training qualification at the workplace. It allows a quick orientation and function-related specialization for one's field(s) of work here at BOKU! By attending relevant further education and training courses, your competences increase and support the process of lifelong learning for your professional life here at BOKU. The Training Passport is available online and portrays the further education and training activities of staff members. It consists of several steps with the first three being compulsory for all new staff members at BOKU.

Step by Step to Your Training Passport

Both registration for the introduction lecture and the further education and training seminars happens via BOKUonline! This is also where you can find the documents that help you get to know our rules and regulations. Please log onto BOKUonline using your name and password. Under the heading "Trainingspass / Schulungsangebot" ("Training Passport / Training Opportunities") you can find a list of all further education and training options offered at BOKU. Courses that are free of charge may be booked directly via BOKUOnline. For fee-based courses you need to use the registration form which can be found on the Homepage of the Personnel Department. Individual steps in more detail

How Did BOKU's Training Passport Come About?

BOKU's Training Passport was developed in a working group in summer semester 2014. Personnel development department discussed contents and form of a Training Passport suitable for BOKU with representatives from departments, service institutions, the Senate and work council members. The various different needs as well as BOKU's frame conditions were taken into consideration in this process. The software programm was written by the Information Technology Services in winter semester 2014/15.

Trainingspass 'Fit für BOKU'