Step 1: Welcome Lecture

After the Rector's welcoming words you receive relevant information about BOKU in form of an introduction lecture. After this, you are invited to a small buffet lunch. Please register immediate for the next possible date. (Registration)
We know from experience that attending this Welcome and introduction lecture is also useful and informative for our long-term employees. Thus, we also explicitly invite "old hands" to participate.

Step 2: Ge to Know the Rules

There are a couple of documents that all BOKU staff members should be informed about. We have specifically highlighted these documents and made them available on BOKUOnline:

  • House Regulations
  • General Safety Instructions
  • Compliance Guidelines
  • Data Protection Regulations
  • Affiliation Policy

Please log onto your BOKU training passport using your name and password to find the documents. When you have studied them, please mark the documents as read. Depending on your field(s) of work there might be as well other important documents. Please discuss with your supervisor which additional documents are important for you. You can find a compilation of all BOKU guidelines and regulatory provisions in their current version on the Document Collection Homepage

Step 3: Register for Introductory Seminars Depending on Your Tasks

There are a few further education and training courses that are mandatory. The selection of these courses is based on your field(s) of work.

  • Introduction to Research Projects for all staff members who are involved in scientific research projects
  • Introduction to Teaching at BOKU for all staff members who work as instructors or are involved in teaching organization
  • Leading Appraisal Interviews for all staff members who perform management functions.

Register here!

Step 4: Talk to Your Supervisor about Required Specializations

In an appraisal interview or also in an informal conversation you and your supervisor may arrange attending additional further education and training courses. Within the framework of the BOKU Training Passport the following specializations may be chosen: "Fit for Teaching", "Fit for Research", "Fit for Projects", "Fit for Leadership", "Fit for Administration" The individual courses are marked according to their recognition for the respective categories. You can find them here: BOKUonline and training programs offered by the Personnel Development

Step 5: Attend Seminars

Attended internal further education and training courses are automatically shown in your BOKU Training Passport. The Personnel Development releases the information on completed courses based on the signed attendance lists. External courses that are attended within the employment relationship may also be credited for the BOKU Training Passport. In order to do so, upload your certifications of participation and other certificates onto BOKUonline and enter the most important course information. The Personnel Development then automatically receives notification and can release these further education and training courses for your BOKU Training Passport.

Step 6: Print Your BOKU Training Passport

By logging onto BOKUonline you can at all times print your BOKU Training Passport. A printout can either contain all further education and training measures or only those completed in the framework of the "Fit for .." categories. Course content or only individual courses may also be selected as required. By the way: also managers and secretaries have access to the BOKU Training Passport. An overview of the training activities of all employees assigned to the organizational unit is available to them.