Cover Broschüre Karriere an der BOKU

Brief Description

Overview of the Scientific Career Model, career positions - qualification agreement, Club Habil, HR Excellence in Research, career counselling.

BOKU is engaged in the sustainable use and security of natural resources. Our researchers rise to tomorrow's challenges and many of our research topics are close to people's hearts. BOKU is among the leading Life Science Universities in Europe; it demands achievements from its staff and promotes young scientific talents.

Contrary to a couple of years ago, universities make their own personnel decisions today. Knowing that the quality of research and teaching substantially depends on the staff's competence, it is BOKU's utmost concern to promote scientists as much as possible and offer attractive career opportunities. The University Act of 2002 and the collective agreement for universities facilitate innovative and forward-looking career management.

You can find an overview of the scientific career opportunities at BOKU; which range from student participation to professorship, as well as information on career positions and qualification agreements.

We wish our scientists and all those who aim at becoming scientists a lot of success!