Some already know very early on where their strengths and talents lie and what their driving forces are. Others are on a long and repetitive search for discovering their interests. Both methods lead you to your destination (or actually are your destination) - it all depends on your approach.

Young researchers are key variables for every university. The promotion of young researchers and individual, conscious career planning are essential for both the university and scientist.

The collective agreement offers the possibility for career positions: here a long-term, coherent decision is vital for both sides. However, not all scientific staff members at BOKU can be offered a career position. Also, not every young researcher strives towards a career at university, but might also be interested in other fields.

A two-day workshop offers young researchers at BOKU the possibility to clarify their own professional interests and options and allows planning and fulfilling further career steps and scenarios. The group also provides an environment in which you can learn from peers.

  • Where am I in my professional / personal development? What do I want, what am I good at, what do I want to learn?
  • What is a scientific career? Can I move in this direction - and do I want to do so? How am I equipped for this?
  • What are my next steps?
  • Which resources do I have for my developmental path, for known and unknown obstacles along the way?

The workshop starts with an orientation on personal values regarding one's own career. These values influence the decision-making processes and provide you with a personally perceived meaningful purpose of your career. We will use the career anchor, a tool that allows an in-depth dialogue with your own personality, your career path as well as other career paths. This will be conducted by using interviews. Learning from differences and networking within the group are positive side effects that help stimulate the processes which resulted from the seminar. Day Two focuses on screening and planning various career options and paths: which suitable options are available for me?

The next workshop will be announced within BOKU Trainingpassport.