2. March 2016 - 20.March 2016; Frauenmuseum Hittisau

Platz 501 |6952 Hittisau | Vorarlberg

26. April 2016 - 8. June 2016; BOKU Wien

Foyer der Hauptbibliothek | Peter-Jordan-Straße 82| 1190 Wien



An explorative survey on the aims and structure of a potential women´s network for disaster risk reduction (we4DRR) and the organisation of a launch symposium in Hittisau, gave the impulse to link the topic of gender aspects and management of natural disasters with two courses proposed at the Institute of Landscape Planning in cooperation with the Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering and Forest Ecology, BOKU Vienna. The outcome of these courses is currently presented in the exhibition On_Stage 2016.

The idea of `On_Stage‘ is based on an international teaching project by four universities to make female experts and gender-specific topics in engineering and natural sciences visible (Leibniz University Hanover, Universitat Politècnica de València, BOKU Vienna, TU Vienna).

In the seminar “Gender und Diversity in Planung und Berufspraxis“ nine students from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Sudan and Poland researched, analysed and drafted portraits of female experts working in the (broader) field of disaster risk reduction. The thirteen portraits illustrate the diversity of topics, education and career paths as well as the future visions for research and practise of these women. They give an insight in the opportunities, challenges and demands women, working in DRR, have in their personal and professional life.

The student’s project “Project on Spatial Development – Landscape Planning” on the other hand focused on the spatial aspects of DRR in connection to socio-economical circumstances and planning processes. Twelve students from Austria, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Chile worked on case studies in Hittisau and Sibratsgfäll. They conducted research on topics linked to adaptive building design, the historical and future development of Hittisau in the context of natural hazards, and as well on risk perception and risk communication.



Maria Papathoma-Köhle, Daniela Engl, Gabriele Merz, Susanne Muhar, Renate Renner, Barbara Hinterstoisser, Emily Proctor, Catrin Promper, Margreth Keiler, Maria Patek, Sabine Volgger, Julia Braun, Margarete Wöhrer-Alge


Project teams:


Gender und Diversity in Planung und Berufspraxis

Lecturers: Doris Damyanovic, Karin Weber, Susanna Tscharner, Monika Sieghardt. Tutor: Aurélie Karlinger


Participants: Lotta Braunert, Milena Kaunert, Mandy Marginean, Vaida Mikneviciute, Mariam Mohamed Abdalla Wagialla, Jowita Niemczyk, Elisabeth Sanglhuber, Eliška Šestáková, Barbara Völker


Ordnungsplanerisches Projekt zur Landschaftsplanung

Lecturers: Britta Fuchs, Susanna Tscharner. Tutors: Aurélie Karlinger, Zita Ring


Participants: Jovana Aleksic, Valentina Bolter, Tomáš Mikulaš, Ricarda Fellinger, Lisa Fichtenbauer, Guro Grimnes, Ane Slagsvold Hekne, Maria Ischovits, Milena Kaunert, Anna Ludin Trotzig, Andrea Isabel Perez Ascencio, Eliška Šestáková