Vienna Health Award 2017 for research project ActivE Youth AktivE Youth was presented with the 3rd prize of the Vienna Health Award 2017 in the category ‘Healthy Neighbourhood’.

AktivE Youth was presented with the 3rd prize of the Vienna Health Award 2017 in the category ‘Healthy Neighbourhood’ by Sandra Frauenberger, City Councillor for Public Health, and Dennis Beck, director of the Public Health Promotion Vienna, at the Vienna Town Hall.

AktivE Youth investigated if mobile technologies like smartphones & co. which are usually blamed for physical inactivity of the young can also be tools to support adolescents’ active mobility in urban neighbourhoods. In the period of two years, adolescents from two Viennese schools recorded their mobility patterns with a tracking app on their smartphones and tested geo-games as incentive to encourage physical activity in open spaces. Geo-caching and GPS-drawing were use as playful possibilities to activate human powered transport. With an interdisciplinary mixed methods approach actively used paths and places of the young were visualised and analysed. This set of methods provides insight on the quality of urban open spaces for active mobility and is presented in the JAM manual. JAM visualises health enhancing mobility behaviour and supports the young’s everyday physical activity like walking or cycling.

ActivE Youth was an interdisciplinary study from landscape planners (ILAP & ILEN, BOKU Wien), sport scientists (University of Vienna) and traffic planner (komobile Vienna). The project was funded by the bmvit - Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology - and the FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency - in the research programme Future Mobiliy gefördert.


Doris Damyanovic – project lead, Institute for Landscape Planning, BOKU Vienna, doris.damyanovic[at]


ActivE Youth & JAM

Vienna Health Award 2017 (German)

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