CCCapMig - Climate change adaptation and protection from natural hazards: capacity building for people with migration background in Austria

CCCapMig aims at exploring the knowledge and risk perception of migrant groups about climate change and natural hazards in Austria. Its objectives are to close the research gap on this topic and to develop target-group oriented measures and recommendations for reducing the vulnerability and enhancing the capacity of migrant groups to adapt to climatechange and strengthen disaster risk reduction in the context of natural hazards
on individual and community level. The focus of the project lies on water-related natural hazards like floods, debris flows, intense rain which will very likely change either in terms of frequency, magnitude or seasonality due to anticipated alterations of precipitation patterns related to climate change. CCCapMig is designed as a cross-analysis of several embedded case studies in Austria (Steyr Kirchdorf, Upper  Austria and Triestingtal, Lower Austria). All methods integrate a gender-sensitive approach in collecting and analysing the data. Project lead
Department of Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences
Institute of Landscape Planning (ILAP): Ass. Prof. DI Dr. Doris Damyanovic
Team: DI Dr. Britta Fuchs, DI Karin Weber Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Hazards
Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering (IAN): Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Johannes Hübl
Team: DI Susanna Tscharner, Katharina Kuntner BSc
Project partner
Environment Agency Austria (EAA), Abt. Umweltfolgenabschätzung & Klimawandel BABf – Bundesanstalt für Bergbauernfragen

Mag. Sonja Gruber, Soziologin