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The project is dedicated to the leisure and recreational use of mountain biking, taking into account the different interests of use, which are developing around the theme of "mountain biking in nature". In order to examine the different aspects and levels of mountain biking in Austria, case studies will be carried out at regional level (Pinzgau and Wienerwald regions) and at provincial level (Upper Austria and Tyrol). Fact-finding missions and guideline-based interviews with representatives from the fields of MTB, land ownership/forestry/agriculture, hunting, tourism, region (municipality, relevant authorities, nature conservation, etc.) enable the analysis of similarities and differences in the respective case studies, as well as the gathering of experience on participation processes. The central objective of the project is to develop an expert proposal for recommendations for action based on the results and experiences of the participative case studies and the interdisciplinary working group accompanying the project. This catalogue of facts on the subject of mountain biking is intended to identify potential conflicts and interests and to provide recommendations for action and solutions for all those involved in the development of mountain biking concepts.

As a follow-up to the first and second SEA report elaborated in 2008 and 2013 in compliance with the SEA Directive (2001/42/EC), this third application of a Strate-gic Environmental Assessment builds upon a methodological approach tested al-ready in the previous two assessment process but can additionally integrate results of the monitoring process (mid-term monitoring Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020). The project will in its research focus reflect the direct and incremental benefits of SEA application over two decades, its role in the overall process and particularly its capacity to tackle emerging topics such as climate change and SDGs. Through the first integration of monitoring results the methodological approach elaborated, discussed against the background of other approaches and published previously can be challenged and examined with new data.

The project investigates the potential of open spaces owned by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) that are outside the danger and operation zones and that are currently not in use. Areas of this type are lots along the rail tracks, embankments, green spaces, protective forests, etc. managed by the Austrian Federal Railways. The goal is to estimate the potential of these areas for a sustainable development and added value of these currently unused resources. The research question is "What economic, social and ecological potentials can be generated with a temporary utilisation depending on different categories?" Therefore, methods will be developed to assess the potential for different target groups and purposes in compliance with the regular rail operations.

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