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for Precision Farming, utilizing GIS, Remote Sensing and Variable Rate Technology

Qualification & Competencies

The course examines the concept of precision farming and provides an introduction of advanced technologies available to support precision farming covering tools and applications in GIS, remote sensing and variable rate technology. Through lectures and practical demonstrations the course examines processes of precision agriculture covering data collection, data analysis and analysis applications and provides highly specialized knowledge to the graduate for integrating of advanced technologies in smart crop farming appropriate to specific environment conditions and management practices.

Based on modern teaching and teaching methods through a balanced combination of theory- oriented and practice-oriented units, the certificate course provides adequate learning outcomes.

Graduates acquire the comprehensive practical knowledge necessary for the application of geographical information systems in agricultural as well as the utilization of innovative smart systems in agriculture. They will find career prospects and potential job opportunities in the high-tech agricultural sectors, technical consultancy, Government and international agencies, agronomy, farm management and agricultural engineering. The qualification will have a positive impact on promotions within their current companies and will improve job opportunities.

Next program run starting October 2022

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Short Facts

  • Certificate
  • Language: English
  • 6 ECTS (150 hrs.)
  • Category: III
  • BOKU Course ID: 573
  • Fees: € 2,400

Terms and Conditions
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