Prerequisites as of 01.10.2022

According to § 78 of the Universities Act 2002, examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications may be recognised by the Dean of Studies upon application by the student for a degree or a non-degree programme if there are no significant differences with regard to the competences (learning outcomes) acquired.

The following types of achievements can be recognised:

  • achievements from recognised post-secondary educational institutions
  • achievements of higher vocational schools (BHS), in those subjects which are required for a future professional activity
  • scientific activities or science- or education-related internships at business or research establishments outside the university and in jointly offered programmes outside the educational institutions concerned, capable of providing preparatory scientific training
  • professional or non-professional qualifications after validation of the learning outcomes

The recognition of examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications already completed before admission must be applied for by the end of the second semester at the latest.

The recognition of achievements completed at BHS as well as professional/non-professional qualifications is limited to a maximum of 60 ECTS each, a maximum of 90 ECTS in total.

Only positive achievements can be recognised.

The recognition of achievements taken by non-degree students may only be recognised for degree programmes if they have been completed

  • as part of a university course or university-level course
  • before passing the entrance examination or the qualification examination (Studienberechtigungsprüfung)

Special case of equivalences

The equivalence catalogues specify which courses of the current curriculum version correspond to the courses of the old curriculum version. Equivalent courses are exempt from the regulation and are recognised upon graduation.